Bernedoodle puppies. Day 16

Today is day 16 for our little bernedoodle pups – and they certainly are getting larger.


111018_HH_DSC_4280Here is one of the little black and white pups. His eyes are cracked, but I think he’s pretty sleepy.





111018_HH_DSC_4245Momma’s legs are a great place for a nap. Yes, these guys are waking up to the world, but sleep still feels oh so good.





111018_HH_DSC_4240Now that the bernedoodle puppies eyes and ears are open, they have become very alert, aware and curious of their surroundings. They make really good eye contact.



111018_HH_DSC_4311The puppies find comfort being with each other. They are never alone! They actually love being held by us (people) now too.




And of course Rhubarb is still just such a fantastic mother!


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