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We are a family of seven living in central Virginia, near Charlottesville. We just relocated to this area from Maine – we do miss Maine! We are happy to still work with folks up in that area. Our four children are ages 1, 7, 10, 12 and 14. We have two cats (one indoor (Mochi), one outdoor (Oliver)) and a lionhead rabbit (Willow). After our great dane passed a couple of years ago, we knew we would eventually be ready for another family dog.

RubyHespySnow_HH_1R5A7835_squareSo, we purchased Rhubarb a little over two years ago. Following a lot of research into various dog breeds, we settled on bernese mountain dogs. In addition to being strong, sturdy work dogs, berners (short for berenese mountain dog) are sweet and affectionate – and make for devoted and friendly family members. And she is all of those things! At that time, we were already planning on breeding her with a poodle (I grew up in a household full of puppies – my mom used to breed Jack Russel Terriers and Goldendoodles), with the mission of responsibly raising healthy and hearty berendoodle pups.


About bernedoodles

Bernedoodles are a cross between bernese mountain dogs and poodles. This breed combines the loyalty and family friendly attitude of the bernese mountain dog, with the cleverness and athleticism of the poodle. They are hypo-allergenic, non shedding dogs, and make excellent family pets, companions, and show dogs.

Additonally, bernedoodle’s are known for their fantastic health. Many of the health issues typical for purebred dogs have been generally eliminated in F1 bernedoodle puppies (F1 simply means that it is a first generation bernedoodle, with one bernese mountain dog parent and one poodle parent).