One pup left!

This is Venus.

He will be 8-weeks old tomorrow. He is the smallest of the litter, and is exceedingly sweet!

The rest of his brothers and sisters (except for one) are going to their new forever homes tomorrow. If you would like more information on Venus, please reach out anytime.

Puppies on the way!

Great news!

This week we are expecting a litter of puppies – our first in over a year.

This is Apa’s first litter, and she is doing great so far. We will post photos and updates as we have them.

food. yum.

It has been a big week in puppy land. These guys are getting huuuuuge, the largest is nearly six and a half pounds (the smallest is just over 5)! Part of the growth can be contributed to their new diet – which now is being subsidized with 3 meals of puppy food every day. Yum!


After eating, it is customary to get a bath.


and then, to sit down like a hooman.

and finally, nap time!

more food please?


3-weeks old!

It has been a very quick 3-weeks around here. At this point, all six puppies have quadrupled in weight. Woah! They are all getting quite playful, and will start eating kibble this week. At this point, we will be socializing them more and more as they take longer breaks from Rhubarb.

If you want to identify an individual pup, just roll your mouse over the photo for a caption. You can also click on any photo to enlarge.

Baby like puppy. Puppy like baby

Rohanh photo strip_small

As anyone who has collaborated with us knows, a key part of our program is that we raise our puppies in our home, with our family. That means they are exposed to kids and kittens, dogs and bunnies, vacuums and stoves and televisions and phones and blocks and lego’s and…yes, the list goes on.

This is great for puppy development, the more they are exposed too early on the more tolerant they will be later on.

Those benefits extend beyond the pups though, and apparently even 3-month old babies just love cuddling with a newborn puppy.


Big day!!

Well, this past Sunday (June 7th) was a big one!

First of all, it was the first birthday of Rigby, our singleton puppy from last year.


Above, with a summer haircut on her birthday. Below, nobody dominates a coffee table like Rigby does. Both photos shared with us from her owners.


Also on that same day, we welcomed a new litter of 6 puppies! All pups and mom are doing wonderfully. This will be Rhubarb’s last litter. She has been such an incredible mother, and we will certainly miss having her pups around.

All 6 puppies have already been placed in homes. We do not expect to have another litter until ~Summer 2021, so if you are interested please feel free to check back sometime next year for puppies. In the meantime, we will keep you updated on how these, and our other pups, are doing.